Dazed And Awake 12.28.20

I write to you today under an assumed name. Not as obfuscation. A name that, had circumstance been different, could have been my birth name.

This is day ONE of another new endeavor. So I am taking the name that could have been. Reclaiming that. I have no goal with this, except to sit down and write for 10 minutes, after my morning meditations. I am a recovering alcoholic and cancer survivor. These are facets of my personality.

I am a recovering professional cook, in this time of pandemic. This is a life. At times improvised to the point of chaos. At times scripted with the obsessive PTSD that hones an existence. A life without expectation, without achievement. I will do my best to leave the idiosyncrasies of my spelling, and thought processes unedited, without falling into my old habits of “free verse”.(the plagues of Kerouac and Bukowski)10 minutes of writing, put out into that realm. To be followed by floor sweeping, dish washing, nap taking.

Until tomorrow. Be well.



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